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Libryo fights the regulatory burden of COVID-19 with free access

Written by Garth Watson
on March 20, 2020

For a three-month period from today, Libryo is offering its regulatory tracking application for free to organisations operating in Great Britain. These businesses will be able to access existing law relating to COVID-19 as well as new laws, updates and a host of other features.

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For other jurisdictions and countries listed at the end of this blog, Libryo is keeping a live blog updated with the most recent COVID-19 laws.

Libryo has introduced:

  • Free access to COVID-19 Libryo Streams in Great Britain, with search functionality for all COVID-19 related regulations (both those enacted prior to the pandemic and during it). This upgrade has already been made available to existing customers.

  • A live and continually updated blog of COVID-19 related regulatory changes in multiple countries

New laws on COVID-19

Law is often very reactive and slow to respond to a quickly changing society.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the need for countries worldwide to trigger the provisions in emergency statutes which empower governments to make rules quickly and responsively without the usual slow legislative process. 

The laws are coming thick and fast from countries around the world to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Old laws that regulate COVID-19

Apart from these new laws, which deal with the COVID-19 pandemic expressly, many countries have occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation that regulates what companies are obliged to do in regard to infectious diseases generally.

This makes it difficult for businesses to find the relevant provisions that apply to a particular topic. For example, if you search for “COVID-19” in a digital legal library for the countries in which your company operates, you will get zero results despite there being a host of existing law that relates to it. If you search “infectious disease”, you may get some hits, however different countries call “infectious disease” other things such as, “communicable disease” or “viral diseases”. This makes it even harder to know if you’ve found it all.

We have updated the Libryo dataset to enable successful and accurate searches of regulations and guidance relating to COVID-19. Our customers already have access to this, but we wanted to support as many businesses as possible during this challenging time.

Free access to COVID-19 regulation and updates with Libryo 

The problem with the law is not so much that it is complicated, but that it is terribly organised and presented, as well as frequently amended. Libryo’s regulatory technology tracks legislation in Libryo Streams that apply uniquely to a given operation. This solution gives uncomplicated access to the law and its updates that are relevant to each of your business operations, no matter how many or where they are.

For the next three months, we are making this technology (and interface) available to companies operating in Great Britain. This free access will differ to the access which Libryo customers have. Customers’ Libryo Streams are configured for each business operation at a given location and are tailored to include all and only the regulations applicable per operation for the domains of law that they choose. However, to help during this crisis, we have configured 3 Libryo Streams, one for each of England, Wales and Scotland, with COVID-19 related regulations and guidance, which companies will have access to.

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This offering also includes general infectious disease regulation that applies to all companies (not industry specific infectious disease regulation such as that faced by the pharmaceutical industry). If you require industry-specific regulation please get in touch for a demonstration of Libryo’s full solution.


Live updates of COVID-19 regulations from countries around the world

For the countries listed below, Libryo will be using its regulatory tracking technology to keep a live blog of new law relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. The updates will provide plain language summaries, key publication information, dates and links to the original legislative sources.


Argentina | Australia | Austria | Bangladesh | Belgium | Bermuda | Cayman Islands | China | Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) | European Union | France | Germany  | India | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Singapore | South Africa | Turkey


Follow the latest COVID-19 updates here 


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