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29 Jun 2018

How Libryo is redesigning the global regulatory mess.

Recently Garth Watson, co-founder& CLO of Libryo, spoke at the final e...

30 May 2018
Legaltech Regtech | 7 min read

How RegTech resolves the catch 22 most lawyers face.

So, you’re a lawyer? Or maybe you work closely with lawyers? We, at Li...

24 Jan 2018
Legal registers Legaltech | 1 min read

Legal registers: filtering out regulation for somebody else's job.

"Legal register" is a familiar term for managers of certain legal doma...

13 Oct 2017
Legaltech Libryo news | 1 min read

Libryo selected in top 10 by Legal Geek

Libryo has been selected as one of the top ten legal tech startups by ...

11 Jul 2017

The Compliance Officer: The challenge of Knowing, Managing & Assuring

At a high level, we see any organisational compliance programme includ...

28 Jun 2017
Legaltech Legal research | 1 min read

Legal Research: Let's automate that!

A really interesting study emerged a few months back and I've been itc...

26 May 2017

The radical way to do legal compliance consulting

Doing more of the stuff that really adds value If you're anything like...

24 Apr 2017

The key to EHS Compliance

People, Process, balance. I've been learning so much about different c...

06 Apr 2017
Legaltech Regtech | 2 min read

Machine Learning, Lawyers and Folding Towels

There are some things that humans are better at. And then there are th...

23 Jan 2017

Linking Legal Requirements to Risk Assessments? Watch Out!

If you've ever been on the hunt for a legal register you'll probably h...

20 Jan 2017

"One Does Not Simply Identify Applicable Legal Requirements"

If you've ever been on the hunt for a legal register you'll probably h...

14 Dec 2016

The Rise of Legaltech - what’s all the hype?

  2016 has been a breakout year for legaltech. 

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