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23 Nov 2023

The Evolving Role of the EHS Manager in the Sustainability Era

The role of EHS managers is undergoing a significant transformation, m...

24 Oct 2023

101 Guide to the Latest Sustainability Regulations and Standards

Environmental concerns are taking centre stage, no matter the industry...

02 Oct 2023

In the Regulatory Spotlight: ISSB's Sustainability Disclosure Standards

ESG disclosures are becoming increasingly important in the world of bu...

07 Dec 2022

Libryo acquired by ERM to expand its digital technology capabilities

7 December 2022

13 Jun 2022
ESG Solutions | 8 min read

Greenwashing - is ESG dying or evolving?

In summary “ESG” in fund management could be set to die on the altar o...

24 May 2022

How the black box of ESG disclosures and ratings is being blown open

ESG disclosures now require sharing of confidential compliance data Co...

26 Aug 2021

Sustainability, remote working and leadership - Podcast

Malcolm Gray, CFO & Cofounder at Libryo, discusses how Libryo was ...

05 May 2021

CleanChain & Libryo continue providing supply chain compliance at scale

Since the launch in 2020, the CleanChain Compliance module has receive...

02 Sep 2020

What is sustainability governance?

In combination, the concepts of sustainability and governance are incr...

01 Jun 2020

Law: An essential part of recovering from a pandemic

Nothing will test the robustness of an organisation quite like a globa...

01 May 2020

Libryo offers energy professionals free COVID-19 regulatory guidance

Press Release: 01 May 2020 Libryo, the cloud-based legal compliance so...

18 Mar 2020

Work in the time of Coronavirus - Learnings from 4 years being remote

"What is between us is nothing more than an illusion.” Fermina Daza Ur...