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16 Jul 2024

Do You Know the 3 Vital Keys to Legal Compliance?

Have you ever heard promises like "making compliance easy" or "simplif...

24 May 2022

How the black box of ESG disclosures and ratings is being blown open

ESG disclosures now require sharing of confidential compliance data Co...

14 Oct 2021


In this series, the three co-founders of Libryo (the legal and other r...

02 Sep 2020

What is sustainability governance?

In combination, the concepts of sustainability and governance are incr...

14 Apr 2020

Libryo drastically expands its free COVID-19 regulation access

To help fight the regulatory burden brought about by COVID-19, Libryo ...

20 Mar 2020

Libryo fights the regulatory burden of COVID-19 with free access

For a six-month period from 20 March 2020, Libryo is offering its regu...

29 Jun 2018
Legaltech Regtech | 1 min read

How Libryo is redesigning the global regulatory mess.

Recently Garth Watson, co-founder& CLO of Libryo, spoke at the fin...

30 May 2018
Legaltech Regtech | 8 min read

How RegTech resolves the catch 22 most lawyers face.

So, you’re a lawyer? Or maybe you work closely with lawyers? We, at Li...

24 Apr 2018

Freedom in knowing - Refreshing regulation & our brand!

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work refreshing the Libyr...

29 Mar 2018

GDPR is one of many relevant data protection laws - know the others

Because there has been so much hype around GDPR, many people think tha...

24 Jan 2018
Custom legal registers | 2 min read

Compliance registers: filtering out regulation for somebody else's job.

"Legal register" or "compliance registers" are a familiar terms for ma...

14 Dec 2017
Libryo news | 3 min read

Legaltech & Regtech - Garth Watson of Libryo [webinar transcript]

Recently, Garth Watson participated in a webinar with other leading te...