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What is Consolidated Legislation? Why Does it Matter?

Oh, the complicated places where legal obligations live...

To quote from a previous post:

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What is a Legal Register?

What is a legal register? 
A legal register is a list of legal instruments, whether legislation, regulation or otherwise, which apply uniquely to a given operation.
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How to be Certain You Comply with the Law

The first thing I need to say is, I'm not a legal professional. In fact, I know very little about the complex world of legislation. There is so much law out there across so many domains, multiple jurisdictions and, to top it all off, it's changing constantly. 

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The Rise of Legaltech - what’s all the hype?


2016 has been a breakout year for legaltech. 

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Do You Know the 3 Vital Keys to Legal Compliance?

Have you ever heard promises like "making compliance easy", or "simplifying legal compliance"?

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One day all law will be platform delivered

Lawyers and tech...

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