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Start with why. Why sustainability? Why regulation?

Written by Garth Watson
on November 16, 2017

Imagine a community downstream of a factory, suffering waterborne diseases because of the factory’s pollution. The factory did not factor maintaining a clean river into its production costs and left the river and the community to pick up the tab instead.

This kind of thing happens in many different ways globally.

Unsustainable corporate practices borrow from the environment, the disenfranchised and future generations, on unfair terms, and without a repayment plan. If these practices are left unchecked, we cannot imagine far into the future and say “life’s good for everyone”.


Knowing is the start

Knowing the obligations faced by law, and by best practice, is the first step to managing operations in a just, sustainable and fair manner, without externalising costs environmentally or socially.

But knowing what regulation requires from the perspective of just and sustainable operations is not simple because regulations are organised in an incredibly complicated way. To date, knowing what the law requires of a company has been answered through expensive legal resources. Because of this, often, the questions of what the law requires of companies' operations from a sustainability perspectve do not get asked, or they are answered inaccurately.

We ask, "should knowing what the law requires of one, without delay and great cost not be a fundamental human right?". 

The rule of law is regarded by many as a cornerstone of democracy and modern society. When law is obscure, or presented in a complicated manner (most of the time), the law cannot simply be known and the rule of law is impeded. For corporations (who have disproportionate impacts relative to people) the problem is multiplied.

We believe that the solution to a complicated legal environment need not be answered by expensive legal research, but that the problem is tractable, solvable and, indeed, the perfect match for legal technology.

Libryo promotes the rule of law by helping compliance professionals overcome the regulatory complexity that erodes the rule of law. For companies who want to operate lawfully and sustainably, Libryo is the best and most efficient solution to navigate a complex legal environment.


Simply knowing the law catalyses changed corporate practices.

Unsustainable corporate practices will persist unchecked unless checked by the knowledge of the law. Behaviourly, knowing that a legal, and thus moral standard exists, causes voluntary behavioural change to start. Once standards are known simply, positive change starts, naturally.


Libryo enables better

Through our cutting-edge legal technology, organisations globally are empowered to know, for sure, what they are required to do by law, to operate legally and sustainably.


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