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The radical way to do legal compliance consulting

Written by Garth Watson
on May 26, 2017
Doing more of the stuff that really adds value

If you're anything like us, you want to have the best business tools available to mankind, in order to enable you to do the things you can do best for the benefit of you clients.

If somebody else can do it better than you, employ them to do it.

If there are tools available that can take care of stuff that you currently do:

That would be great, right?

We cannot imagine a world without electricity or computers

There have been advances in technology that have enabled significant advances in productivity, so much so that many of us cannot imagine a world without say:

  • electricity
  • personal computers
  • word processors
  • the internet
  • mobile devices and
  • machine learning and legaltech.

Consider this. How dependent is your consultancy on electricity? How about computers and word processors or email and the internet? These sound like silly questions. But they are not. Imagine five or ten years into the future and ask what things we'll be putting on the list and asking questions of how dependent your business will be on them.

You don't need to be prophetic to predict that machine learning technology will be on the list. This technology will have a massive impact on all industries, and management system consulting and regulatory compliance is no exception.

The thing is, we are all on a journey of outsourcing stuff that is better done by others or technology so that we can focus on doing the stuff that we alone are exceptional at.

You are an exceptional management systems consultant. Through your consulting in business management and risk management systems, your clients reduce costs, increase efficiency and demonstrate a commitment to excellence. They win more tenders, reduce resource consumption and increase their overall resiliency and flourish with long term prosperity.

Continue to be on the cutting edge by making use of the best legal compliance software in supporting your clients. Libryo has set up partnering programme for management systems consultants to benefit from its legaltech by driving costs down while radically increasing efficiency for accurate operation specific legal compliance for their clients.

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