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One day all law will be platform delivered

Posted by Garth Watson on 03-Nov-2016 17:41:29
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Lawyers and tech...

Lawyers, and many other consultants do very important work, a lot of which could be assisted by technology.

And, most of which work, we believe, will ultimately be performed by technology.

Software's strong suit is memory, recall and rules based thinking. And the right kind of software will be the best friend to those whose strength is discretion, skill, and being craftsmen of the nuances of natural language. The kind of things that aren't the strong suits of machines; at least not yet.

...where artificial intelligence meets human intelligence...

At Libryo, we are constantly working on the next generation of legal services. We walk the exciting interface of AI and HI. It's an exciting place to be. It's almost like a dance. And more and more, we realise just what breakthrough technology can do to help us in our quest...

We aim to be every lawyer's most trusted aid to deliver the skilled lawyering that only skilled lawyers can provide. We also aim to serve users the world over as we strive to make law and regulation less complicated.

We ask questions like:

  • Can't software help us simply to know the answer to the question "what does the law require me to do here?"
  • why does one have to be trained as a lawyer to know what the law says for any given thing? I mean, how can you keep the law if you don't have access to the law?
  • is law so complicated that regulatory complexity has led to regulatory failure?
  • does legal complexity undermine the rule of law, especially in the context of developing nations?
  • does legal complexity prevent those who need justice the most, the poor and oppressed, or even the environment, from justice?
  • can we democratise law and legal services?

...and you are invited.

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