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We're making law more accessible - join the movement

Written by Beth Roberts
on October 12, 2018

Libryo Collaborate (formerly known as Libryo Turks) is a community of remote-first, flexible lawyers and law students on a mission to make law more accessible and support Libryo's vision to simplify regulatory complexity. 

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To simplify regulatory complexity, the Libryo Platform must ingest raw legislation and process it through a specialised content production process, convert it into a machine-readable format and enrich it with metadata and value adds which ultimately make it easy for compliance professionals to know their applicable law. Like all good SaaS companies, behind Libryo's easy-to-use product, there are plenty of complex problems to solve. 

Content production for the the Libryo Platform is shared between Legal Engineers (Libryo's full-time legal team), Libryo Collaborators (independent lawyers and law students), data scientists, developers and machine-enabled technologies. Libryo Collaborate play a key role in this process - picking up (in particular) the task of de-cluttering and simplifying the legal text.


The Libryo Collaborate team comprises top-tier law students (and lawyers) from diverse universities including London School of Economics, Queen Mary University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Bristol, Durham University, The University of Law and University of Cape Town.

It's a lovely opportunity for law students to gain experience within their field of study and earn a flexible income. Libryo Collaborators receive training before they start and feedback along the way, making sure they have all they need to complete their best work.


If you're a talented law student or legally trained with extra capacity, we’d love to hear from you. Apply to join the Libryo Collaborate team!

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