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How to know the law applicable to your business, in every jurisdiction

Written by Vicky Daley
on September 26, 2019
This video explains how Libryo makes it easy to know the law that applies to your business, in every jurisdiction that you operate. 


Libryo makes knowing your legal requirements quick and easy. This unique, cloud-based technology makes your legal research happen automatically. The platform filters and tracks your law, so you are always on the front foot with legal updates across your entire business. You can also ensure that you are compliant and know what actions to take next in order to stay on top of the law. 

3 reasons why this legal tech so great?

1. You can see your law at not only a domain level, but also at an operational, site-specific level. 

2. You will always be on the front foot when it concerns the law specific to your business. Libryo's automated tracking technology means whenever a legal update is made to one of your applicable laws, it will notify you and other Libryo users of the change.

3. Knowing what you need to do in order to comply with your regulations is fast and easy to understand. Management can see at an individual, team and operational level their compliance status.


Libryo - now you know.


Download the brochure here. 

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