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End-to-end compliance management with Libryo Professional Services

Written by Vicky Daley
on August 17, 2021

Libryo, a cloud-based compliance platform, has extended its offering to incorporate a new professional services division. This will provide new services such as on-site and remote compliance audits, as well as compliance training and support for users of Libryo Assess, Libryo’s DIY compliance assessment module.

The Libryo platform makes it easy for global teams to know their legal requirements, understand their obligations and show their compliance, all within a single platform. The addition of Libryo Professional Services will complete the compliance circle by enabling customers to use auditing services and receive training support to help them fully manage and evidence their compliance.     

What professional services will Libryo be providing?

  • Site-specific audits (on-site, remote or area-specific)
  • Site-specific compilation of Libryo Streams
  • Libryo platform training and support
  • Compliance training courses for risk assessments, IMS and legal awareness
  • Self-assessment coaching for the Libryo Assess module

Libryo Professional Services will also pave the way for other professional services teams to support their customers either using the Libryo platform or by offering their experience to Libryo customers. 

The new function will be led by the world-class team at Standards & Legal, which was recently acquired by Libryo. This acquisition builds upon the already strong professional services foundation Libryo had laid. 

Garth Watson, Libryo Cofounder & CLO said:

“Our team of compliance auditors and management system specialists have used the Libryo Platform as the foundation for their consulting services since 2016. We are delighted to have been able to bring the S&L team and their expertise into the Libryo household and we look forward to scaling up the provision of technology-enabled professional services to our global customer base.”


You can learn more about the professional services here or download the brochure.

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